Pets Services Prices
Daily walks (for 1 dog 30 min) $16/walk
Daily walks (for 2 dogs 30 min) $17/walk
Pet Sitting (3-30min visits/day) $47
Potty Break (15min visit) $12
Pet Sitting/visit $16
Pet Sitting/3 visits a day $47
Birds Pet Sitting $16/30min visit
$30/60min visit
Small Animals Pet Sitting *$10-$15/visit
Overnight Pet Sitting $72/night
Feeding Feeding outdoor animals $3/day

* Prices vary between pets. Please contact us for exact price.

* Prices are due to change without notice.

* We accept all major credit cards.

Over Night Pet Sitting:

We stay with your pets from 8pm till 7am. We feed your pet between 4-5 pm. We also offer a walk during the day for an additional charge of $10, a savings of $5.

Holiday Rates:(+ $10.00 per day)

New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & the Friday following, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.